Young Worker Toolkit

Know the dos and don'ts for your employment situation. This comprehensive toolkit will provide you information to help you make the most of your work experience.

There are numerous resources to obtain information about young workers. From wages to safety and health issues, it is important for you to be informed about your rights and responsibilities. Remember, your state rules may differ from the federal rules.

WHD fact sheets are written in easy to understand language and are the perfect resource for valuable information about the various laws we enforce, including rules for young workers. You can keep those rules handy with a bookmark that lists the highlights. There is also a calendar for recording both your hours and wages so you can see if you are being paid properly.


Work Hours Calendar

Stickers and Bookmarks

Are You a Teen Worker?

Are Teen Workers Taking Out The Trash? " Compactors and Balers

Are Teen Workers Taking Out The Trash? " Just Compactors

Landscaping, Greenhouses, and Nurseries

Jardineria, Invernaderos, y Viveros

Youth Employment Presentation for Teens [PPT]

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships WIA Youth Flash Training


Youth Employment Rules WIA Youth Flash Training



Child Labor Fact Sheets:

Topic Fact Sheet #

Employing Youth in Restaurants


Grocery Stores


Non-agricultural Occupations


Amusement Parks


Driving Automobile & Trucks


Farm Jobs


Leyes Federales que Rigen el Empleo de Menores de Edad en los Trabajos Agrícolas Español


Youth Minimum Wage


Teen Driving

Wood Processing Industries


Power-driven Balers


Cooking and Baking




Basic Information

Health Care Industry


Roofing and work on or about a roof


Youth Peddling under the FLSA


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