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The Department of Labor has a variety of resources to help you have a positive work experience.

How can I contact the Wage and Hour Division?

You can contact Wage and Hour by phone, internet, written correspondence, or in person. All services are free and confidential.

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How can I file a complaint?

If you feel you have been employed in violation of any of the laws enforced by the WHD, you may contact us. If you feel you have been employed in violation of any state laws, contact your state department of labor.

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Other Helpful Agencies

There are many other agencies that can help if you are in a dangerous or discriminatory work situation.

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Young Worker Toolkit

Know the dos and don'ts for your employment situation. This comprehensive toolkit will provide you information to help you make the most of your work experience.

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Other Useful Resources

Find all the additional information you need regarding labor laws that may apply to you. Check it out!

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