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Showing initiative at work is highly valued, but Jay was too anxious to show the guys at his weekend construction job that he could do more than the law allows.

Construction video
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Doing too Much:

Stanley was determined to find out when, how, and under what conditions it's right to say "no" on the job.

Doing too much video
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For Mr. Clark, being a tough store manager isn't good business unless he's equally committed to respecting the teenagers who work for him.

Employer video
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Field Work:

There are different rules for workers in agriculture, but Ben was sure that the law had to protect people like him and his family.

Field Work video
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Alison, Hannah, and Randi knew that their rights were being violated at work, found out what they could do about it, and took action.

Overtime video
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Ms. Banks remembers what it is like to be a teenager with a new job and hopes she can help her daughter as she balances work, school, and her social life.

Parent video
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Kyo decided to show that quitting was not an option for her.

Restaurant video
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Ms. Collins believes that every experience in school and at work can be an opportunity to learn.

Teacher video
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Too Many Hours:

Lindsay liked her job, but she quickly realized that at her age it's not the most important thing.

Too Many Hours video
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The persons in these videos are actors, and although the scenarios are fictitious, they are based on Wage and Hour Division’s enforcement experience. The Wage and Hour Division acknowledges that most employers want to comply with the law. These scenarios have been developed to raise awareness of the laws which govern youth employment.

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