How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

The FLSA limits or prohibits many hazardous activities for young workers. In addition to becoming familiar with those restrictions, you can take these simple steps to prevent injuries to working teens.

Young workers want to do a good job but they need help to work safely. They may not feel comfortable asking questions so you should be proactive in educating them (and their supervisors) about the Federal and State rules for young workers. There are numerous fact sheets that will assist you in becoming familiar with the federal child labor laws.

In addition to fact sheets, the WHD has developed a Pocket Guide on Youth Employment that contains valuable information, including a safety checklist for young workers, examples of compliance tips used by other employers and four steps you can take to prepare your young workers to work safely. There are also numerous posters and stickers you can use to provide visual reminders of restrictions on young workers. Be sure to check with OSHA and your state labor department to learn about their rules.

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